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   Hello Farming Greenhouse Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of plant growing, import, design, manufacture, installation, sale of materials and services. It is a product of greenhouses and agricultural equipment. The product is specialized. Because there are different ideas from the general and want to be different leaders. unique To make Thailand a new modern agriculture, safe for both consumers and the environment. It is a business of Thai people using the word "Hello" to Thailand. And a word that the Thai people greet each other. And many foreigners know this word. I have a chance to come to Thailand. In the future we will try. The agricultural products from around the world that are not in Thailand to sell to the Thai people to make a new agriculture. More advanced 

    Hello Farming Greenhouse Co., Ltd. is planning to become a part of many upcoming businesses in the opening of the AEC or ASEAN Economic Community by setting a medium-term goal to be one of the leading companies in the field of agri-business. In ASEAN It is a well-known farming and agri-business company in other regions. Of the world in the next remote target.

  • Current business                                                                                                                                                  Production greenhouse,High tunnel greenhouse, Saw tooth greenhouse, Double roof greenhouse or Umbrella vent, Evaporation greenhouse both designed, manufactured, installed, sold, and equipped


  • Vision "Different Leaders in Agriculture"


  • Slogan "New Thai Agriculture"


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