Phetchabun Province-3**High Tunnel 6x80x3 m.

High Tunnel 6x80x3 m.

Greenhouse Characteristics
Width 6 meters, length 12 meters up to 1,000 meters high 3.7 meters, and if the standard size is 6 meters long, 12-20-30-40 meters high 3.7 meters.
  • House structure galvanized steel 3/4 inch, thickness 1.5 mm  or yellowish, life of 9-10 years.
  • Material Cover, Roof covered with white plastic PE thickness 200 microns.Side covered with 20 mesh white insect net.(We can make to customize Increased such as 32, 40, 50 mesh) Life expectancy of 3-5 years
  • Film and Insect Net Fixation; Greenhouse rail and zig-zag spring
  • House door It is made of insect net and swing (can be make double door with buffer room)
  • Ventilation air from the side of house. Through the insect net.
  • All concrete footing are 0.3x0.3x0.3 m.
  • The whole house structure is knock down.


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